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The COVID era we're living in has brought new challenges. We wear masks everywhere to prevent the virus from spreading, but they look frustratingly similar to each other, make your sweat, and not protect you reliably. Blanc is the unorthodox solution of keeping up your health but not erasing your personality. Company: Blanc
Industry: Health care, Lifestyle
Service: Industrial Design
Technologies: HEPA compliant filters
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Search We had to decide first how to provide exceptional air filtration and make Blanc as protective as possible. Then, we had to make Blanc a perfect fit, easy-to-use, and comfy as it's intended to be a lifestyle accessory. And finally, the most creative part of the design was to give wearers an uncommon way to keep their personality while wearing a mask. Challenges Working on the Blanc design, we faced several problems to solve. The first concepts revealed the necessity to prevent the mask's visor from fogging while a wearer breathes. The constructional solution should have provided the easy putting on and taking off process along with the handy adjustment. Another task to consider was making the visor non-transparent from outside while guaranteeing untroubled seeing for wearers. boxy Tasks To make sure Blanc fits everyone, we analyzed dozens of people's faces and made full-scale research of human skull shapes. Having in mind Blanc's health-caring purpose, we examined the most efficient air filters in the market. We developed an innovative airflow and filtering system cooling the wearer's skin and the mask's internal surface. Our designers fought tooth and nail to find forms, materials, and configurations that allow wearers to express themselves. Solution Blanc is a perfectly tailored full-cover face mask fitted out with the FDA-approved replaceable HEPA filters that protect against 99.9% of harmful particles. Its inventive airflow system makes the air circulate within the mask from the intakes above the forehead to the exhale valves along the chin line, preventing excessive user's sweating and visor's fogging. Blanc consists of two sections fixed by magnets, which lets you put it on in a blink of an eye. Front panels are detachable so that you can replace them with any-colored ones reflecting your mood the best.
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